Back In Business

So it's been a while, I know. But there's a good reason, really! I switched up jobs to make a pretty signifigant change in career paths. I left the good old gambling industry to help a good friend start up a new media company. That's right, podcasts!

I've been spending the last couple of months shooting, editing, and creating show graphics for a new online financial news company called ONN.tv. We started a new channel with six brand new shows, and we needed some logos done quickly: all that experience creating reel symbols at WMS came in real handy!

The new job's also opened the door to start producing my own content: fairly soon I'll be diving into preproduction on several video podcasts, and maybe an audio one as well. I let you know more as it gets closer to reality. Right now I'm just waiting on delivery of a new HV20 that I found on eBay, and then the greenscreen tests can commence!

The comic book plans aren't done either. With all this downtime commuting on the blue line, I've been drawing and writing more than I have since I was in college. So there will be actual drawing on this here blog shortly!

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