still rocking the slots...

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So I left a job working on slot machines, and what's one of my first projects at the new job? That's right, making a slot machine: I just can't quit you, gambling world... :)

Seriously though, it was a real quick & dirty assignment that turned out to be a lot of fun. the slot is just something from iStockPhoto.com, and I went in and added highlights, glows, some meter text, and the reel spinners after the fact. I'm learning a new 3D program in my spare time, Maxon's Cinema4D, and this was my first chance to use it at the new job. Surprisingly, the 3D text was accomplished not in C4D but in After Effects, through the use of Maltaanon's ingenious little CE Shape Extruder script.

I love After Effects a little more each day.


Maltaannon said...

Hey! This really looks sweet! Congrats! If you haven't used any 3D application before I'd suggest learning 3DS Max. It's not that it's more powerful or anything - this is a matter of ones likes and dislikes. It's just that there are way more resources on it on the net, and you can do amazing things with scripting it. There's a huge community of Max users. Anyway... once again - great work!

WillRyan said...

Thanks for the comments: your scripts are super-handy and that installer you've got has some serious scripting voodoo powering it.

I've been using Max for a little while now, but I was wowed by some of the features in Mograph, so I picked up C4D a bit ago. My experience with Max is making the transition to C4D supereasy, and there's some stuff like Thinking Particles that make so much more sense after using Max.

Thanks again!