Finally got around to banging my head against the desk long enough to get over the weirdness in Flash's workflow and UI and start doing some old school traditional animation. It's sloppy but it sure is fun!


Alina Chau said...

FUN FUN character !!

Ryan Summers said...

Thanks Alina! I just hopped over to your blog, absolutely beautiful stuff! I'm really digging your Miyazaki and Kunitsuna tribute piece.

boob said...

A charming little run. I'm gonna get a bit critical - the far hand (I think) looks like it pops when it's all the way back. It looks like it pops open or something for one frame. I looks like a light grey knife sorta shape and it distracts me every time. I think it's mostly a color thing. If it was a dark gray fist blob the whole time I wouldn't read it as something else.