Another cleaned up old animation

Here's another quick animation that I worked on in Flash to try to learn the Pencil tool after playing with the Brush tool on that last animation. I'm eager to get onto some new animations so it's just b&w for this one. Tried to control lineweight and stay cleaner than the last one.

Btw, if you can find it in your neighborhood, go see Secret of Kells!


Flash, updated (with a little assist from After Effects)

I dropped the little run cycle from yesterday into After Effects and built a little set for him to run through, complete w/ fake 3D parallax. Gotta love the Grid and Motion Tile effects! Also, I'm surprised how well Magic Bullet Looks helps tie the whole thing together.

I might start doing some more tests like this over the weekend.



Finally got around to banging my head against the desk long enough to get over the weirdness in Flash's workflow and UI and start doing some old school traditional animation. It's sloppy but it sure is fun!


More soldier designs

More development based on Option 'B' from the previous post.



Starbucks sanctuary...


Soldier designs


LA is my new home...

...finally settling into my new apartment in Los Angeles, figuring out where everything is at and taking in some of the great stuff the town has to offer. I just went to an incredible Lighting Workshop, saw a bunch of Oscar nominated shorts, and hung out with a bunch of new friends. And I've started up the sketch sessions again.