Self portrait

My fiance is off in California working on a big FX movie coming out later this summer while I'm holding down the fort here in Chicago. I missed her so much that I started drawing pictures of her. :)

In other news, how crazy of a movie season has this been so far? Watchmen was a terrific exercise in futility, Terminator Salvation was mindless fun filtered through a videogame inspired point of view, Star Trek made me a true believer of JJ Abrams as well as slightly more interested in the future of the Star Trek universe, and Coraline was a tiny gem that most missed. I'm still looking forward to Up, Inglorious Basterds, The Brothers Bloom, and the synapse shutdown of Transformers 2.

For some reason I finally watched The Spirit & Dark City in the same weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised by both. For the life of me, I don't know what people were expecting from The Spirit, but I loved it! There was something about it's manic wackiness and snappy energy that reminded me of a mix of old WB Looney Tunes and the anime FLCL. On top of that we got some of the most ham-fisted campy dialogue and scenarios Frank Miller has ever let free from his raging ego. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I was all over it.

There will be another day to talk about everything that's right about Dark City, but it's right in my Terry Gilliam, Akira, City of Lost Children, Blade Runner wheelhouse.

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