Planet Hundo

Working up some character designs for a small project I'll probably start up early next year, once I get my head around character animation in Flash. They're related to characters I worked on way back in this post!

By the way, if you're interested in a terrific book on drawing for animation, pick up Wayne Gilbert's Simplified Drawing For Planning Animation! It's a quick read that you'll find yourself going back to time and time again.


Anonymous said...

Maaan, you's just GOTS to develop that Planet Hundo. I'm anxious to see it in motion.

Ryan Summers said...

Thinking about drawing in flash and animating in AE for the "Flash-style" puppet animation. I don't think there's anything I can do in flash that I can't do quicker in AE, except for the drawing that is.

I do not like the timeline/curves in Flash one bit.

boob said...

Yep - for anyone that already knows how to animate, the only advantage Flash has is that you can do the art work/drawings straight in Flash. That is, if you you're going for something stylized or cartoony or whatever.

I've seen some impressing bending/distortion at work with the puppet tool in AE, but the biggest issue there is supporting multiple drawings/poses. It's great you can rig a character (even walk cycles with overlapping limbs is possible to certain degrees of success) but as soon as you need a new pose (say a 2 frame antic then a 1 frame pop and a 4 frame settle) you'll need to rig a new set of pinpoints. Seems tedious. And while you'd essentially doing the same thing in Flash, you're only doing simple moves and transforms on various pieces that make your poses. No "tuning" a rig of sorts. And too, you can modify art straight in Flash. Pay no attention to Flash's curves or the IK tool or CS4's "new tween". Adobe better fix the crap out of what they broke.

BAHHHHH - you certainly don't need to hear any of this crap from me.

Just holler when you want something animated. I'll fucking* drop what I'm doing.

*Cussing indicates seriousness