Comicon 07?

So I'm just going to deal with the fact that my stuff pales in comparison to the likes of my awesomely talented (not to mention inspiring!) friends and start putting together my book for the Comicon in San Diego next year. This is the first burst of stuff I put down in my sketchbook a couple Sundays ago, and it's all designs for the revamp of a comic I made way back in high school.

Yeah, high school...

More stuff soon.


K McLeod said...

These desgins are pretty sweet.

Of the robot character, I like the fluidness of the rounded arms and legs. Gives the feeling that the guy's made of fiberglass. Can't wait till your books done, so I can get my gruppy little hands on it. I love visiting your site and finding a new post of goodness. You and the other chicago animators, designers keep me inspired for my own work.

Thanks Kevin

Sorry for sounding like a stalking obsessed fan LOL

Bill Halliar said...


Fan-friggin-tastic! These OdderNod sketches are great. I really like the two larger head studies, your ink line has so much life!

So you're putting together a book for next years Diego con? Cool cool. I'll lay down the long green for that, no question.

What 'choo up to m'man? I haven't
heard from you in a while. Drop me a line at throblin@yahoo.com

Dave Pryor said...

Hey, cool!

Keep at it Ryan. The designs do look very nice. A funk-a-delic style.

See ya online GOW!!!


boob said...

Wowie wow wow. You've gotta good start here. I'm seen bits and pieces layin' around the apartment and I think you've pulled together and tightened up some of the best images. Nice eye.

I really like the dopey kinda lookin' character with the big shnoz second from the top left in the bottom image. Those shapes just plooped (tm) out of him.

Alina Chau said...

coool character drawings!! Nice mix of variety too!

G1toons said...

some real tight character designs here, love your work