Making Up For Lost Time

We missed out on a SketchSunday last week due to a Transformers intervention, so Jeff(@AnimationCosmic on Twitter) and I rocked it twice this holiday weekend. Wolverine made an appearance as well as the innocent bystanders of Starbucks, Panera, Borders, & Barnes&Nobles. Thanks all you unlucky and hopefully unknowing models!

By the way, if you care to know what I thought of Michael Bay's efforts on Transformers 2, you can actually hear them now. That's right, someone was crazy enough to point a mic in my general direction after I saw TF2. Check it out if you dare over at the Sci-Fi Partyline podcast.


Alina Chau said...

Nice characters drawings!

boob said...

A lotta fresh sketches Rye! Who wouldn't be friends with this wolverine ewok!

Dig the shotgun blast of doodles though. Aliens, robots, people, fat heads, wide noses, no noses, etc. Great to see man!